About Us

About Us


Southern Recovery Environmental Services was founded in 2007. 

Our team has over 40 years of experience in their related field. 

SR Environmental is a complete environmental company specializing in Hazardous Materials, Emergency Spill Response, Highway Accident Cleanup, Environmental Consulting, Disaster Response & Recovery, Waste Disposal, Decontamination & Demolition, 

Fire & Water Restoration, and Mold Remediation.

SR Environmental utilizes only qualified and experienced personnel to plan, evaluate, and to cleanup any emergency our clients encounter. 

SR Environmental is conveniently located in Milner, GA. We are 45 minutes south of Atlanta, GA, and 45 minutes north of Ma

Our Mission


It is our mission to provide our clients with timely service and support.

Our Organization is Built on these Core Values:

  1. Commitment to Safety for our Associates and Clients
  2. Creating a Win-Win Partnership with our Clients
  3. Caring for our Communities & Environment
  4. Commitment to Excellence

Community Service


SR Environmental continues to serve and support communities that have been affected by natural disasters:

SR Environmental had the opportunity to serve in the following communities:

*Shawnee, OK - Tornado 2013

*Greeley, CO - Flood 2013

*Toms River, NJ - Hurricane Sandy Rebuild 2014

*Augusta, GA - Ice Storm 2014

*Louisville, MS - Tornado 2014

*Detroit, MI - Flood 2014

*San Marcos, TX - Flood 2015

*West Monroe, LA - Flood 2016

*Baton Rouge, LA - Flood 2016

*Bluffton, SC - Hurricane Matthew 2016

*Albany, GA - Tornado 2017

*Houston, TX - Hurricane Harvey Relief 2017

*Baton Rouge, LA - Rebuild 2018

*Marianna, FL - Hurricane Michael 2018

*Lee County, AL - Tornado 2019

*Adamsville, TN - Storm 2019


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At SR Environmental we offer a wide variety of disaster services.  

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